Wakeboarding for dummy (me)

I had a wakeboarding lesson. It was glorious. But now I need to keep learning the basics on my own. Attempt #1 gave me a sprained ankle (and led to Lesson #1: tighten your bindings as tight as you can, and then tighten them some more). So here are the things I’m going to work on this weekend when I make Attempt #2:

  • Focus on staying directly over the bindings
  • Consider moving back boot back a hole closer to the end of the board for stability
  • Decrease the angle of both boots a bit (it’s currently between 12 and 18; try between 9 and 12).
  • Remember the stance basics taught in the lesson:
    • 60% of weight on back foot
    • Shoulders back
    • Chest out
    • Hips forward
    • Hands by hip
    • Push hips in direction you want to travel

Beginner tricks to play around with:

  • Surface 180 (riding switch-stance/fakie/revert): bend knees and move the handle to the other hip. Use a slower boat speed while practicing surface tricks.
  • Riding one-handed
  • Crouching
  • Ollie (bunny hop): push the tail down and pull the front food up to pop out of the water. try bouncing a few times first
  • Jumping the wake: make sure to land with weight on the back of the board to you don’t face-plant






USA Waterskiing

Miami Nautique International


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